Frequently Asked Questions



How long does delivery take?

48 / 72 hours for spas that are in stock and for replacement parts, from receipt of payment.

If the dealer doesn’t have the product in stock and depending on manufacturing schedules, from 4 to 8 weeks.


Who pays for shipping costs?

Depending on the dealer where you purchase the product.


Will my order arrive fully assembled?

Yes, it will be fully assembled.


Can we come and view the different models on site?

Yes, by passing by one of our dealer’s showroom.


Do you  install the spa when it’s delivered ?

Yes, the dealer may provide the installation of the spa (cost can vary depending on the dealer)




Do your spas come with a warranty?

Yes, all our spas come with a warranty. Please visit the warranty page (Company -> Your warranty).


What kind of warranty do you offer?

The warranty covers parts and shipping. Premium warranty available soon.




How often do I need to change the water in my spa?

Three to four times per year.


What maintenance products do I need for my spa?

We recommend chlorine or bromine with pH+ and pH-.


How often do I need to change the filter(s) ?

We recommend that you clean the filter(s) every 2/3 weeks and change it/them every 3 months.


Do you offer a maintenance package ?

Yes, you can purchase a maintenance package when you register your spa. You can also contact us to purchase the package via the contact form.


What is the maintenance package ?

The maintenance package comes with : Filters, Chlorine or Bromine, Ph+, Ph-, Stabilizer, Tester kit.


Power supply


What are the details of the power supply?

6-conductor power cord; 60 Amp fuse; 220 V (2 x 110v).


How much will the spa’s power consumption cost?

It depends on the model but varies between $280 and $360 per year. You can also use one of the three deferents mode to make you spa consume less (check owner’s manual).

Features & Quality


What is the cabinetry made out of?

Luxury model : Resin with an acrylic finish.

Luxury Aluminum : High end finish aluminum.


Do I have to buy a cover with my spa?

No, all our spas are delivered with a protective cover.


Do I need a permit to install a V-120 Swim ?

Usually no, but we’ll strongly advise you to ask the public facility of the town you live in.

Is the spa full foam insulated?
No, thanks to our R&D department we have found a new way to insulate our spas. The triple walled cabinet insulation system : ISO 14000 thermo-reflective insulation panel, thermal insulation shell structure and bottom plate.


What should I look for in a spa?

Always focus on quality.

You can assess the quality by looking at each item in this checklist:

The finish of the nozzles (chrome or gray); finish of the tub (standard granite or a luxury model with a marble finish); the number of pumps; the number of jets (there should be a link between the number of jets and the number of pumps.  For example, 70 jets per pump give poor results, but with 40 jets per pump you get a true massaging effect).


All our spas meet all these quality standards without costing an unjustifiably high prices that our competitors charge (why pay those kinds of prices?)  Tropic Spa offers high quality products, not at a Discount Price but simply at a FAIR PRICE!


What is the purpose of the circulation pump ?

All our spas are equipped with a circulation pump that filters the water (one or two times a day) to keep it clean and clear.


What is the purpose of the air jets ?

All our spas come with air jets for multiple reasons. First, you may have some medical issues and the hydro-therapy is to strong for you, so the air jets massage will provide you a perfect relaxation massage without hurting you. Second, to enjoy an aroma-therapy without mixing oil or other product with your clean water. Thank to our aroma-therapy technology, you wont mix your water with the oil. The oil is diffused inside the air bubble and pop-up when it comes out of the water to offer you a perfect relaxation experience. To conclude, it offer you the possibility to enjoy staying into your spa without getting an hydro-massage. Many other reasons may apply also… (for more informations go to Features -> Benefits of home spa)


Why Aristech Acrylic and not just Acrylic ?

• High-gloss finishes… Products with acrylic cover Aristech preserve their brightness over the years.
• Easy to clean… The smooth and not porous surface is less sensitive to the mold and to the seaweeds.
• Resistant colors… Do not ease, even in the sun.
• Resistant to chemicals and stains… Resists stains such as lipstick, dyes, ink and pastels.
• Maintains the heat… Warm to the contact, to set, for example a bath, in a more comfortable way.
• Wide selection of colors and design… Mixtures of acrylic Aristech allow a big freedom in the conception of the product.
• Easy to repair… Given that the covers of acrylic Aristech are all permeated with color, most of the scratches can be removed by a simple polishing.