SPA Features

Spa colors

Marbled White and Blue Motion are the standard shell colors. Chocolate and Grey are the standard cabinetry colors.

Black is the standard cover color. See all available shell, cabinetry and cover colors.



Get a restful, sumptuous and tension-relieving relaxation from any Tropic Spa hot tub seat. Our seats are designed with special attention to accomplished innovation, planed and designed to deliver ergonomic support while you soak.

Enjoy full body massage or specialized hydrotherapy with one or a combination of our seats. See all Tropic Spa different seats.


Hot tub structure

Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials used  today.

Made up of low carbon steel, which contains chromium, Stainless steel does not deteriorate. Because stainless steels are inherently corrosion resistant, no protective coatings are needed, and the adverse environmental impact associated with coatings is eliminated.


Tropic Spa’s indestructible stainless steel frame is guaranteed anti corrosion.



The appearance of an elegant, textured cabinet will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the spa, but will also add to the feeling that the spa is quality furniture.

Our PVC cabinetry really look like wood but require very little maintenance.


Chocolate and Grey are the standard colors but you can have all available colors.



Tropic spa only produces All Weather Spas, with Triple walled cabinet insulation system known as « dead air space » insulation:

– The interior is insulated with high density foam (shell as cabinet interior) + glass wool
– All the cabinetry panels are insulated with doubled faced aluminium sheet
– Some models are equipped with a thermal insulation bottom plate for an extra layer of protection.

Premium Led lighting system

Add the perfect ambiance that best matches your mood with the adjustable multi coloured Led lighting system.
Illuminate your spa’s interior and exterior, decide to showcase one color or set the lights to go through all the bright colors. See all the Premium Led lighting system features.


Ambiance features

All our models come standard with a full set of features to set the perfect ambiance while you soak.
It doesn’t matter if you need some alone time or host a party, you can be sure that your Tropic Spa
hot tub is equipped to set the mood.

– Waterfalls (Led back lit)
– Pop-up fountains (Led back lit)
– Aromatherapy
– Chromotherapy


Jetting System

Our hot tubs have different types of jets available to intensify your spa experience.

You should be able to receive the type of massage you want, that’s why Tropic Spa developed the RELAXATION and the INTENSE series.


The perfect combination of jets make relaxing in a hot tub after a strenuous day release muscle tension, relieve stress and renew energy.


All available jets in our models:

– XL nozzle rotatory hydro jets
– XL nozzle directional hydro jets
– L nozzle rotatory hydro jets
– L nozzle directional hydro jets
– Central rotatory turbo jet
– XXL Turbo jet for swimming
– Air jets


All jets are adjustable. You can fine-tune jet stream, intensity and pressure using air control dials.

More information on all Tropic Spa jets