Water Care

Water care systems

All Tropic Spa models have different filtration methods and are equipped with at least an integrated water purification system.

Having a water purification system installed in your spa lowers the need for hot tub chemicals offering you a crystal clear, hot water that is always ready to enjoy. Your spa’s filtration system is one of the most crucial aspects of cleanliness and water balance.


Water filtering system

The water filtering system works with:

– Whirlpool WTC50M circulation pump (makes the water circulate through the system)
– Skimmer (traps large material)
– Tropic spa cartridge filter (traps small impurities)

The most outstanding feature of our Whirlpool WTC50M circulation pump, is that it delivers a larger flow, compared with 2800 r/m normal speed pump.

Its low speed operation allows it to be less abrasive, but more long lasting, more silent, and more energy efficient, and extremely suitable for continuous filtration and circulation.

Its low noise motor and reliable base filter 240 liters/min.


The filtering system is totally automatic, the circulation pump suck the water into the filtration system through the skimmer basket to eliminate contaminants and then pass by the cartridge filter to trap the small impurities.
The system continuously filters the water to eliminate contaminants. It only necessitate very easy maintenance.



Some of Tropic Spa hot tubs count as well with an Aqua Sun Ozone, built into the spa, that continuously associate highly concentrated ozone into the water in combination with silver ions and MPS non-chlorine oxiders to get your water sanitized with lower needs of chemicals.

Aqua Sun Ozone discharge consistent micro-ozone cell output with less heat, less energy usage & less nitric acid. It will not burn out or corrode and effectively removes water impurities and micro-organisms.

There are no cartridges, chips or bulbs to replace, reduced chemical usage and less maintenance are the most significant benefits from a spa Ozone.
Ozone Output: 50mg/hr


Ozone facts

– Ozone does not have to be purchased or stored – it is generated and is introduced into the water automatically.

– Ozone does not affect the pH balance of water, thus minimizing pH adjustments.

– Ozone helps reduce total dissolved solids in water so that the water does not have to be changed as often.

– Ozone is an extremely effective oxidizer and reduces chemical use dramatically – reduces chlorine and bromine in your spa, making it safer on your skin and eyes

– Ozone reduces damage to pillows and covers due to chemical usage.

– Ozone kills harmful, chlorine tolerant parasites (Cryptosporidium and Giardia), bacteria, viruses, mold and destroys biofilms.

– Ozone is environmentally safe, breaking down to pure oxygen after its work is done


The Aqua Sun Ozone produces pure ozone nature’s powerful oxidizer that destroys organic and inorganic contaminants instantly on contact automatically sanitizes your spa and requires no maintenance.