LED Lighting

Add the perfect ambiance that best matches your mood with the adjustable multi coloured Tropic Spa Led lighting system. Illuminate your spa’s interior and exterior, decide to showcase one color or set the lights to rotate through
all the bright colors.


Some lights reflect above the water line, while others illuminates the spa’s interior and exterior,
all are synchronized for maximum effect.


Control color and intensity of underwater, bar top and exterior lighting,  creating dazzling effects.


–  Multi coloured cromotherapy Led lights and underwater large led spotlights
–  Footwell illuminated with led lights cloud
–  Led back lit pop up fountains, waterfalls, speakers, hydrotherapy jets and air controls
–  Led strip surrounding spa’s bottom plus led lights in the cabinetry corner panels for safer entry and exiting in the evening hours
–  Peripheral interior led lighting system


All our hot tub components are UL recognized and all our spas are UL listed for your safety.